Candera JAPAN

UI Conductor
HMI development tools for embedded equipment

Use Cases

Can be used in the development of various HMI applications.

HMI application use example

  • Meter cluster

    A richer meter cluster can be achieved by the 2D/3D animation creation function. Multiple screens can be controlled through a multi-preview, such as linkage with the center display.

  • Center display

    Facilitates creating screens for animations or lists with pre-provided UI parts. Screens created can be edited visually with the view state editor even with complicated screen transitions.

  • 3D/Surroundings monitoring

    Inputs received from a connected external device can be reflected as they are previewed. This cuts down on development time by allowing one to perform tests early on.

  • Electronic side mirror

    Develop platform-independent HMI applications using the hierarchical structure of UI Conductor. Quality HMIs can be realized even in a low-end environment such as those installed in electronic mirrors.

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