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UI Conductor
HMI development tools for embedded equipment

Improvement in efficiency and workflow of HMI development for embedded/in-vehicle equipment

UI Conductor is an HMI (human-machine interface) development tool for embedded or in-vehicle equipment. It can be used to design and develop interactions which coordinate various screens, UI parts, animations, and embedded applications, all on your PC. Created UIs can be immediately previewed and checked on your PC, and can be used in the same way they would be on embedded equipment, cutting down on the amount of overall work required. Moreover, UI Conductor can separate UIs and embedded applications to develop them in parallel, thereby improving development workflow to achieve efficient manufacturing. With UI Conductor you can realize your ideal HMIs via sophisticated expressions using 3D or animation.

Product Configuration of UI Conductor

UI Conductor consists of "UI Conductor Tact"(the tool used to create HMIs), runtime libraries to run UIs on actual equipment, and porting layers to support various OSs and target platforms.

UI Conductor

For more detailed specifications and configuration, see [Product Specifications].GO!