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Privacy Statement

Candera Japan, Inc. ("Candera Japan”) complies with all laws and regulations for private information protection for the private information received from customers and business partners through implementation or operation of the contents and services or user support operations to provide a software license of middleware, and received from our executives and employees, employees of affiliated companies, part-time employees, dispatched employees (hereafter "our employees"), defines "Privacy Statement" and implement the necessary measures to protect private information.

This Statement covers any private information which Candera Japan obtains or learns in our business activity or all private information that Candera Japan owns in our business activity. Candera Japan has employees who handle or manage private information comply with this Privacy Statement.

  1. When Candera Japan obtains private information from customers, business partners or our employees, Candera Japan identifies as clearly as possible the purpose for using the private information and, at the same time, Candera Japan establishes a management organization to protect private information. When Candera Japan obtains, uses or provides private information, Candera Japan properly handles the private information by following the specified rules and regulations.
  2. Candera Japan obtains the private information legally and fairly. Candera Japan implements a scheme in which Candera Japan does not handle private information for any other purposes except those agreed in advance.
  3. Candera Japan strictly manages the private information received and implements proper measures to protect the private information, which is required to prevent information leaks, loss or damage.
  4. If Candera Japan consigns the management of private information Candera Japan owns to a third party, Candera Japan has the third party implement proper management of the private information such as protecting and maintaining its confidentiality.
  5. Candera Japan can disclose the information we own, correct the information that is not correct, terminate use of the information or delete the information when the owner of the private information or its proxy requests, except where otherwise legally stipulated. In addition, you can send a complaint or consult on a matter regarding the handling of private information to/with the help desk listed below.
  6. Candera Japan complies with all laws, regulations, government policies and other rules applicable to the private information we own. Candera Japan establishes a private information protection management system and has its employees comply with those laws and regulations through the private information protection management system. Candera Japan maintains and continuously improves the management system through regular reviews.

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