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Candera Japan, Inc. (hereinafter “Candera Japan”), in the production of its contents, carrying out of its services, and provision of middleware software licenses as part of its user support, complies with all laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information received from clients, as well as personal information received from our executives, employees, employees of affiliated companies, and part-time/temporary employees (hereinafter "its employees"). Candera Japan defines this Privacy Statement based on the above premise and implements necessary measures in order to protect personal information.

This privacy statement covers any personal information which Candera Japan possesses, or alternatively, obtains or learns of, as part of conducting its business operations. Candera Japan has any employees who are involved in the handling or management of personal information comply with this privacy statement.

  1. In the event that Candera Japan obtains personal information from clients or its employees, it identifies as clearly as possible the purpose for using the information and establishes a management system with the purpose of protecting personal information. In the event that Candera Japan obtains, uses, or provides personal information, it properly handles the personal information by following the designated rules and regulations.
  2. Candera Japan obtains personal information legally and fairly. Candera Japan implements a system such that it does not handle personal information for any purposes other than those agreed upon in advance.
  3. Candera Japan handles the personal information it receives with stringency and implements necessary and proper measures in order to safely handle the information such that loss, damage, and leaks are prevented and/or corrected.
  4. In the event that Candera Japan entrusts the handling of personal information that it possesses to an outside party, it has the outside party handle the personal information properly, such that its safety and confidentiality are maintained.
  5. Candera Japan may disclose, delete, or cease the use of information it possesses, or correct the information if it is nonfactual, in the event that the individual to which the information pertains or a proxy of said individual requests, except where otherwise legally stipulated. Consultations and formal complaints regarding the use of personal information are handled via the link below.
  6. Candera Japan complies with all laws, regulations, government policies, and other rules applicable to the personal information it possesses. Candera Japan establishes a management system for the protection of personal information and has its employees comply with it. Candera Japan properly maintains and continuously improves this management system via periodic reviews of the system.

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